Transplant methods

Transplant methods

The method FUE (follicular unit extraction/transplantation)

This is a method of hair-graft extraction from the crown. Basically, each hair is extracted and planted separately. Some micro-scars occur (with a diameter of approx. 1 mm), which are not visible after the hair in the donor site grows a bit. The numbness of the donor site on the head disappears. Using this method, it is possible to transplant grafts at once in a number of several thousand in a single procedure. Thus, it is possible to achieve great hair density and a natural-looking result. The method FUE is currently considered the most suitable; its procedures are used during the robotically-assisted transplant. Its disadvantage consists in time demands of the operation; the procedure takes up to 8 hours, which can be challenging for the patient.

Strip harvesting

This is harvesting of a strip of skin from the posterior scalp, thus obtaining hair follicles. Then the area on the nape is sewn. A visible and permanent scar occurs. The risk consists in damage to nerve endings and the consequent numbness of the head, which might last for several years. Sometimes the head sensitivity might never be recovered. Except for the instances, when the method FUE is not suitable, this approach is not widely used in practice.



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