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About the robotically-assisted transplant

About the robotically-assisted transplant

Hair transplant

The hair transplant means the extraction of your own hair follicles (roots) from the donor site on the back of your head or your nape and their subsequent transfer to a different part of your head. The hair in the area of the back of your head or your nape are generally more resistant to the causes of balding, therefore, it is ideal for the transplant.

We have only a limited amount of hair follicles, and nobody can create new ones. Therefore, if there is damage to them, they cannot be brought back to life and the only way to get the hair in these areas back is their transplant.

In our clinic, we use – as the only company in the Czech Republic – the robotically-assisted approach FUE, using the apparatus ARTAS. Compared to some older approaches, this one features great advantages.

Why to opt for the system ARTAS?

Today’s technology has advanced to such a level that apparatuses manage to do even complex sub-tasks many times more precisely than a human. The system ARTAS features a number of modern sensors, thanks to which it is able to extract hair grafts better and in a more precise way, thus reducing the probability of damage to the extracted graft significantly.

Other methods might have a disadvantage of damage to follicles during their extraction. It is estimated that up to 30% of grafts are damaged during manual extraction. Nobody can give you this damaged hair back. Since we do not want you to lose your hair irreversibly, we have opted for the state-of-the-are robotically-assisted method, with which the amount of hair loss during the extraction is up to ten times lower.

The approach FUE brings very natural-looking results with no visible scars. However, the disadvantage consists in the required time; the procedure may take up to 8 hours, which is usually demanding for the patient. The robot ARTAS manages to extract grafts more quickly, thus reducing the time spent on the procedure to a minimum.

Thanks to the cooperation of a doctor, an expert on the human body, and the precise robot, which does not get tired during the procedure and does not damage the donor site of hair, the subsequent convalescence is also faster. So, ARTAS gives clients benefits in the form of the shorter period of the procedure and the minimum amount of damaged hairs, thus being a guarantee of a natural and lasting result.

The reasons for hair loss

  • diseases
  • stress
  • unbalanced diet
  • hormonal disorders
  • drug side effects
  • hereditary factors
  • lack of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other micronutrients


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