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Frequently-asked questions

  • Is the method ARTAS painful?

    The robotically-assisted hair transplant ARTAS is performed on an outpatient basis and it requires only local anaesthesia. Therefore, patients do not feel virtually any pain. Some more sensitive persons can experience weak pain or slight swelling after the procedure. However, the symptoms vanish within one to three days.

  • How will my hair look like after the hair transplant?

    The result of the robotically-assisted hair transplant is a natural appearance of hair. After the procedure, you can safely choose any length or type of hair-cut you like.

  • Are the results of the hair transplant ARTAS permanent?

    Yes, they are. In this method, we use your own permanently-growing hair for the hair transplant. Most often, the hairs are taken from the back of the head and then they are transferred to the site with thinning hair. Since this type of hair is not subject to the influences causing balding in men, the transplanted hair lasts a lifetime.

  • How long is the healing time and the recovery period?

    The robotically-assisted transplant requires a shorter time of recovery than most of the cosmetic surgical procedures. The procedure does not require any surgical incisions or stitches; therefore, the healing time is short, and you can get back to normal life activities within a few days.

  • When will new hair start growing after the procedure?

    The transplanted hair grows naturally at stages. New hair is visible within three months after the procedure, and it grows further within a year. In about six months, you will find noticeable improvement, and after a year, you will see the final results.

  • Should I have my hair cut before the procedure?

    Yes, you should. Hair cutting in the donor site allows the system ARTAS to perform the visualization precisely, and search and extract each suitable hair follicle. Before the actual procedure, you will be given recommended procedures to shorten your hair.

  • Will it be visible that I have undergone hair transplant?

    This procedure minimizes scarring; therefore, it is almost indistinguishable to the eye. Your new hair will grow gradually, which reduces the likelihood that people will notice the procedure you have undergone. You friends and family will notice that you look better. The hair-transplant results are gentle and natural.

  • Will any scars be visible in the site of extraction?

    Since ARTAS extracts hair selectively, the scarring of the donor site is absolutely minimal. You can have your hair in the way you are used to – you can have a modern short style, or longer hair. Scar covering does not limit you.

  • How long does the actual procedure take?

    The entire procedure usually takes four to eight hours according to doctor’s specifications and the volume of transplanted hair. During the procedure, you will sit comfortably, and your doctor and the staff will provide you with the maximum care. Thus, you will feel comfortably throughout the process.



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