Robotically-assisted hair transplant in the Czech republic

Hair transplant will help you restore your hair in the areas where it no longer grows. Robotically-assisted transplant is a state-of-the-art approach to the transplant in the market. Cope with your receding hairline or hereditary hair loss.

Why should you opt for the method ARTAS?

ARTAS is a state-of-the-art robotic device that helps doctors with hair transplants. Compared to some older transplant methods, the system ARTAS features several advantages.

A shorter period of the procedure and convalescence
No visible scars remain after the procedure
You can see the 3D visualization of the result beforehand
A significantly lower number of damaged follicles during their extraction
The results look really natural and they are permanent
State-of-the-art approach in the market


See how robotically-assisted hair transplant can change your look.

before the transplant
Before the transplant
after the transplant
9 months after
before the transplant
Before the transplant
after the transplant
10 months after
před transplantací
Before the transplant
po transplantaci
11 months after

How is it carried out?

The robotically-assisted hair transplant is performed in several steps:

1. Consultation and the trichological examination

During the first session, you will be familiarized in detail with methodical procedures and you will be given some information booklets and answered any questions. The trichological examination will reveal whether your scalp will need a cure.

2. 3D visualization of the result

During the consultation, the application ARTAS Hair Studio 3D will show you the model of the final result of the transplant.

3. Preoperative evaluation

For the smooth course and to be sure that everything will go well, it is necessary to check your medical condition and make sure that nothing prevents you from undergoing the procedure.

4. Transplant

The transplant is divided into two parts - the actual extraction of grafts from the donor site and their subsequent placement into the area predetermined by the 3D model.

5. The check up on the next day after the transplant.

After the procedure, you go home, accompanied by another person - due to the application of local anaesthesia, you cannot drive a vehicle shortly after the procedure; however, hospitalization is not required. The next day, you should pop in for a check-up.

6. Regular check-ups throughout the year.

Check-ups after the procedure are regular - after three, six and twelve months; during the check-ups, the quality of transplanted hair is examined.


In our clinic, we use – as the only company in the Czech Republic – the robotically-assisted approach FUE, using the apparatus ARTAS. Compared to some older approaches, this one features great advantages.

What does a robotic hair transplant look like?

Revolutionary hair transplant



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