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How the transplant goes

1. Consultation and the trichological examination

During the first session, you will be familiarized with methodical procedures, you will be given some information materials and answered any questions. The trichological examination reveals whether your scalp will need a cure.

2. 3D visualization of the result

During the consultation, the application ARTAS Hair Studio 3D will show you the model of the final result of the transplant.

3. Preoperative evaluation

For the smooth course and to be sure that everything will go well, it is necessary to confirm your medical condition and make sure that nothing prevents you from undergoing the procedure.

4. Transplant

Immediately before the procedure, men’s hair in the donor site must be shortened to 1 mm in order the extraction to be precise.

The transplant is divided into two parts – the actual extraction of grafts from the donor site and their subsequent placement into the area predetermined by the 3D model.

The system ARTAS High-Definitions Stereoscopic Vision determines which hair follicles are suitable for the transplant; it selects healthy grafts with multiple hair follicles.

The system ARTAS Harvesting extracts the selected follicles gently and precisely. This procedure guarantees the protection of remaining hair. The spots of extractions are very small and evenly distributed; therefore the procedure is not detectable.

At the following stage, the system ARTAS determines, based on the approved model, where the hair is to be transplanted, and creates hair follicle beds.

The result looks absolutely natural and to your liking.

5. The check up on the next day after the transplant.

After the procedure, you go home, accompanied by another person – due to the use of local anesthesia, you cannot drive a vehicle shortly after the procedure. However, there is no need to be hospitalized. You pop in for a check-up the next day.

6. Regular check-ups throughout the year.

The check-ups take place regularly after the procedure – after three, six and twelve months, when the quality of hair transplants, their condition as well as the condition of the scalp are examined. Furthermore, we consult your feeling from the procedure and take photographic documentation, thanks to which our client can observe the results well.



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