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The advantages of robotically-assisted hair transplant

The advantages of robotically-assisted hair transplant

Accuracy and Consistency

The greatest advantage of the robotically-assisted hair transplant consists in the prevention of any inaccuracies caused by the human factor during the extraction of follicles (harvesting) and the subsequent preparation of new beds for the transplanted hair (sitemaking).

The manual performance cannot beat the accuracy of the robot, the sensors and the resolution of the robot go beyond human capabilities many times. In addition, robotic hands never miss. Thanks to the advanced technology, the instrument adapts to each patient. When extracting a few thousand follicles, it is for sure that even experienced doctors get tired, thus reducing the success of the entire procedure.

  • The robot ARTAS keeps the precise extraction of the hair with its follicle throughout the procedure.
  • The extraction and creation of new beds are performed in exactly specified places, based on the approved design of the 3D simulation.

The robot keeps the precise and necessary depth when forming the new beds.

You do not lose your hair unnecessarily

We have only a limited amount of hair follicles, and no human can create new ones. Therefore, if there is damage to them, they cannot be brought back to life and the only way to get the hair in these areas back is their transplant.

One of the disadvantages of the other methods can be damage to follicles during the extraction. It is estimated that up to 30% of grafts are damaged during manual extraction. Nobody can give you this damaged hair back. Since we do not want you to lose your hair irretrievably, we have opted for the most advanced robotically-assisted method, during which the amount of hair loss upon the extraction is up to ten times lower.

Why with us?

We are the only clinic in the Czech Republic, which offers this robotically-assisted method. We have been dealing with trichology and hair health for over 25 years. Our doctors have long experience in the field of hair transplant.

Why robot? Isn’t a human better?

Robotic sensors are much more sensitive than the human eye. Therefore, the robot is capable of determining the angle, at which it extracts the graft much more precisely, thus reducing the risk of its damage significantly. It also chooses the spacing between the grafts much more accurately, during both their extraction, and planting them into the new area. Thanks to this, the result looks much more natural.

Our team of experienced doctors supervise all the activities of the robot all the time. The robotically-assisted transplant with the system ARTAS has been performed abroad for many years. Although we are the first ones who offer this procedure in the Czech Republic, you do not have to be worried about the method being experimental. Everything has been properly tested in practice.

The system ARTAS is the one and only robotic hair-transplant system in the world. It is a product of an American company, which is highly experienced in transplant in other fields of medicine and aesthetics, e.g. in the development of laparoscopic instruments.

Systém ARTAS je první a jediný robotický transplantační systém vlasů na světě. Je produktem americké společnosti, která má letité zkušenosti s transplantací v jiných lékařských a estetických odvětvích, např. ve vývoji laparoskopických přístrojů.

ARTAS uses the most advanced robotic technology, which demonstrably helps doctors with challenging, precise and recurrent movements required by the procedure of this nature. A part of the procedure is still done manually. The robot is used only for the part, which it can manage better than a human thanks to its sensors and accuracy.

Why this method?

Unlike some older hair-transplant approaches, the system ARTAS has several advantages:

  • the procedure takes less time – the recovery period is also shorter
  • no visible scars remain after the procedure
  • the method is painless
  • the results look completely natural and they are permanent
  • hair-follicle loss with ARTAS is up to ten times lower than with other extraction methods
  • before the procedure, 3D modelling is done – therefore, you can see the result before the procedure


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