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For whom is the transplant suitable

For whom is the transplant suitable

Age restrictions

The robotically-assisted transplant in men is usually performed after reaching the age of 35. Of course, you can undergo the hair transplant earlier. However, further hairline receding might occur. Should this be the case, you can undergo this procedure again in several years. During the consultation, the doctor shall determine whether the hair transplant is suitable for you.

What problems does the hair transplant resolve?

The hair transplant resolves several types of hair loss – widow’s peak, receding hairline on the forehead, Hippocratic wreath, hair thinning. It is, therefore, the restoration of hair to the head areas, where the hair does not grow any longer.

Other problems can be resolved in our trichological clinic, where our team of experts in healthy hair will help you with any problems.

The hair transplant is also suitable for women. However, more factors are examined in women. In women, the hair transplant is carried out in another way. The hairs are planted manually, and for women it is a great advantage that the other hairs need not to be cut due to the procedure.



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